Welcome to all our english speaking friends!

At TANTE FILDA, the first unpackaged shop in the Filder region, we want to make the world a little bit better. We offer products in loose form and without disposable packaging – especially without plastic. The assortment of our unpackaged store TANTE FILDA consists of products in the food, sanitary as well as cosmetics sector – everything produced regionally, seasonally and sustainably and thus also traceable and transparent in the manufacturing process and the ingredients.

How does TANTE FILDA work? For shopping you bring your own jars, bags, cans, etc. or use our versatile range of reusable and recyclable containers and fill the desired product to the exact gram in the required quantity. You can reuse the containers with every purchase. This way we save tons of plastic waste, counteract food waste and do something good for the environment!

Come by and see for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you!